Tall Tales Contest Judge's Guide and Ballot

Judging Items Excellent  Very Good  Good Fair
Speech Development
Opening, Build-up, Climax, Organization, Smoothness
22 - 29
13 - 21 0 - 12  
Speech Techniques
Effective Use of Exaggeration, Irony, Pun, Surprise Twists, Humor, Slapstick
18 - 24
11 - 17 0 - 10  
Appearance, Body Langauge
11 - 14
7 - 10 0 - 6  
Flexibility, Volume
11 - 14
7 - 10 0 - 6  
Appropriate to Speech, Purpose, and Audience, Good Grammar, Pronunciation, and Word Selection
11 - 14
7 - 10 0 - 6  
Total Score  

Judging Criteria

Speech Development is the way the speaker puts ideas together so the audience can understand them. A good tall tales speech immediately engages the audience's attention, then smoothly builds up to a good climax and conclusion.

Speech Techniques refer to the various tall tales skills, such as exaggeration, irony, pun, humor, and surprise twists. These techniques are the essence of the tall tale, and they must be skillfully incorporated into the tale.

Physical presentation of the response carries part of the responsibility for effective communication. The speaker's appearance should reinforce the story. Body language should support the story through gestures, expressions, and body positions.

Voice is the sound that carries the message. It should be flexible, moving from one pitch level to another for emphasis, and should have a variety of rate and volume. A good voice can be clearly heard and the words easily understood.

Language refers to the choice of words that relate to the story. Language should promote clear understanding of thoughts and should fit the occasion precisely. Proper use of grammar and correct pronunciation will show that the speaker is the master of the words being used.

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Composed with care by Peter Bunce, DTM, ATM-S
Updated: Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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