2003 International Speech Contest Rules

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A. Protests will be limited to judges and contestants. Any protest will be lodged with the chief judge and/or contest chairman prior to the announcement of the winner and alternate(s). The contest chairman shall notify the contestant of a disqualification regarding originality or eligibility prior to that announcement before the meeting at which the contest took place is adjourned.

B. Before a contestant can be disqualified on the basis of originality, the contestant must be given an opportunity to respond to the judges. A majority of the judges must concur in the decision to disqualify.

The contest chairman can disqualify a contestant on the basis of eligibility.

All decisions of the judges are final.


A. Toastmasters International shall pay the travel expenses of each North American District's contestant participating in the International Speech Contest at Regional and International levels. Neither Toastmasters International nor its Districts shall reimburse these contestants for any other expenses.

B. Toastmasters International shall reimburse the travel expenses of each North American District's contestant who participates in a Regional or International speech contest as follows:

1 Air, Bus, or Train - Full reimbursement, round trip at the lowest rate (coach air fare, or discount fare if applicable) between the commercial airport or passenger terminals nearest the Regional Conference or Convention site and the home of each contestant.

2. Car-On the basis of reimbursement at 32 cents per mile by the most direct route not exceeding the lowest air fare rate (coach or discount if applicable).

3. Any other mode of transportation - Actual costs incurred not exceeding the lowest air fare rate (coach or discount if applicable).

A person riding with another person receiving reimbursement is not entitled to reimbursement.

Reimbursement will be made by World Headquarters as soon as practicable on receipt of certification of attendance at the Regional Conference or Convention speech contest by the District Governor and on receipt of ticket receipt(s) for air, bus, or train travel, or mileage for car travel.

D. Hotel or room accommodations are not included in allowances for contestants, unless otherwise stated.


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Composed with care by Peter Bunce, DTM/ATM-S/CL
Updated: Friday, December 27, 2002

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