2003 International Speech Contest Rules

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A. Subject for the prepared speech shall be selected by the contestant.

B. Contestants must prepare their own five- to seven-minute speeches, which must be substantially original and certified as such in writing to the chief judge by the contestants prior to the presentation of the speeches (on form 1183, Speaker's Certification of Eligibility and Originality). Any quoted material must be so identified during the speech presentation.

C. All contestants will speak from the same platform or area designated by the contest chairman with prior knowledge of all the judges and all the contestants. The contestants may speak from any position within the designated area and are not limited to standing at the lectern/podium.

1 . A lectern/podium will be available. However, the use of the lectern/podium is optional.

2. If amplification is necessary, a lectern/podium fixed-mounted microphone and a portable microphone should be made available, if possible. It is suggested that the fixed-mounted microphone be nondirectional. The selection and use of a microphone is optional for each contestant.

3. All equipment will be available for contestants to practice prior to the contest. Contestants are responsible for arranging their preferred setup of the lectern/podium microphone and other equipment in a quiet manner before being introduced by the Toastmaster.

D. Every participant must present an entirely new and different speech for the Regional and for the International contests than given in any contest that same year. Up to and including the District contest, contestants may use the same speech, but are not required to do so.

E. Winners of each District contest shall present a detailed outline of their winning speech in the District contest to the chief judge of the Regional contest. Winners of the Regional contest will prepare and mail to World Headquarters outlines of their District and Regional winning speeches, which will be given to the chief judge at the International contest.


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Composed with care by Peter Bunce, DTM/ATM-S/CL
Updated: Friday, December 27, 2002

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