2003 Evaluation Contest Rules

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A. A contest chairman, contest sergeant at arms, chief judge, at least five judges, two counters, and two timers are appointed. These appointments will be as far as is practical at Club levels, but required for Area through District levels of this contest. All judges will judge all contestants.

B. Before the contest, contestants and the contest sergeant at arms are briefed on the rules by the contest chairman. judges, counters, and timers are briefed on their duties by the chief judge. Contestants will then draw for their speaking position with the contest chairman.

C. If a contestant is absent from the briefing, the alternate speaker, if present, may be included in place of the primary contestant. When the contest Toastmaster is introduced, if not present, the primary contestant is disqualified and the alternate officially becomes the contestant. Where the primary contestant arrives and makes this known to the contest chairman and has all required paperwork in good order prior to the introduction, and missed the briefing, disqualification shall not occur and the primary contestant may speak in the drawn order, but waives the opportunity of a briefing.

D. All contestants will speak from the same platform or area designated by the contest chairman with prior knowledge of all the judges and all the contestants. The contestants may speak from any position within the designated area and are not limited to standing at the lectern/podium.

1 . A lectern/podium will be available. However, the use of the lectern/podium is optional.

2. If amplification is necessary, a lectern/podium fixed-mounted microphone and a portable microphone should be made available, if possible. It is suggested that the fixed-mounted microphone be nondirectional. The selection and use of a microphone is optional for each contestant.

3. All equipment will be available for contestants to practice prior to the contest. Contestants are responsible for arranging their preferred setup of the lectern/podium microphone and other equipment in a quiet manner before being introduced by the Toastmaster.

E. At the beginning of this contest a five- to seven-minute test speech will be presented. The test speech should be either a contest-type speech, or taken from one of the assignments in the basic Communication and Leadership Program manual. Contestants may make preparatory notes during the test speech using materials of their choice. It is recommended that at all levels of the contest, the Toastmaster giving the test speech is not a member of the same Club as any one of the contestants. The test speaker shall be introduced by announcing the speaker's name, speech title, speech title, and the speaker's name. Neither the manual project nor any objectives that the speaker may have shall be made known to the contestants, judges, or audience.

F. At the conclusion of the test speech, all contestants shall leave the room. They then have five minutes to prepare their evaluation using materials of their choice. Timing and preparation supervision shall be under the control of the contest sergeant at arms. Where this is not practical, contestants will complete their five minute preparation in the same room under the control of the contest sergeant at arms.

G. After five minutes has elapsed no further preparation shall be allowed and with the exception of the first contestant, who shall be called back as first evaluator (where preparation is done in the same room , with the exception of the first contestant, the others shall leave the room), all others shall hand all written material to the contest sergeant at arms. Preparation material shall be handed back to contestants as they are introduced to present their evaluation.

H. There will be one minute of silence between contestants, during which the judges will mark their ballots.

I. Announcement of contest winners is final, unless the list of winners is announced incorrectly, in which case the chief judge, ballot counters, or timers may immediately interrupt to correct the error.


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Composed with care by Peter Bunce, DTM/ATM-S/CL
Updated: Friday, December 27, 2002

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