2003 Evaluation Contest Rules

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A. All Toastmasters who are members in good standing in a Club in good standing are eligible to compete. New, dual, or reinstated members must have dues current with Toastmasters International.

A member must maintain eligibility at all levels of any contest. If at any level it is discovered that a contestant was ineligible to compete at any previous level, the contestant must be disqualified even if the ineligibility is not discovered until a later level and has been corrected.

B. The following are ineligible to compete in this contest: incumbent International Officers and Directors; District officers (Governor, any Lieutenant Governor, Division Governor, Area Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, or Public Relations Officer) whose terms expire June 30; International Officer and Director candidates; Immediate Past District Governors; District Officers or announced candidates for the term beginning July 1.

C. Toastmasters who are members in more than one Club and who meet all other eligibility requirements may compete in each Club contest in which membership in good standing is held. However, should they win more than one Club Evaluation Contest, they can represent only one of the Clubs at the Area level. No contestant can compete in more than one Area Evaluation Contest, even if the two Areas are in different Divisions.

D. A contestant must be a member in good standing of the Club, Area, or Division being represented when competing in a speech contest at the next level.

E. Each contestant must complete the Speaker's Certification of Eligibility and Originality (form 1183) and submit it to the chief judge prior to the contest.


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Composed with care by Peter Bunce, DTM/ATM-S/CL
Updated: Friday, December 27, 2002

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