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Leadership Excellence/High Performance Leadership

To receive the Leadership Excellence/High Performance Leadership Award, a member in good standing of a club in good standing must conduct a project chosen by the member in which the member serves as a leader. The High Performance Leadership program (Toastmasters International Supply Catalogue Item Number 262; U.S. $7.95) is a five-project program offering instruction and practice in such vital leadership skills and activities as developing a mission and vision, goal-setting and planning, identifying values, and building a team. Three Guidance (i.e. Steering) Committee Handbooks are included in the program. Once this has been completed, fill out the registration form, have it signed by the Club's Vice President Education (or by another Club officer if you are the Vice President Education), and send it in to Toastmasters International World Headquarters.

Once you've received your Leadership Excellence/High Performance Leadership award (see below), the Leadership Track's next award is the Advanced Leader award (click here for more information).

After Toastmasters International World Headquarters has received all your forms, you will receive a certificate like the one below. You may opt to have TI send your employer a letter of commendation.

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Image courtesy of Peter Geissler, ATM-B/AL, District 52 Lieutenant Governor Marketing


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