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The Advanced Toastmaster Bronze Award

To receive the Advanced Toastmaster Bronze Award, a member in good standing of a club in good standing must complete all five projects in two separate Advanced Communication and Leadership Programs for a total of ten speeches. Members may choose any two Advanced C & L Programs for free after completing their first Competent Toastmaster (CTM) Award (click here for details on the advanced C & L Programs). Fill out the Project Completion Record near the back of your two Advanced C & L Programs with the Vice President Education's initials (by another club officer if the member is the Vice President Education) and complete the Advanced Toastmaster Bronze Award Application.

Once you've received your ATM-B Award (see below), you may order from the Toasmasters International Supply Catalogue two more Advanced C & L Programs (please include payment for the advanced manuals, California sales tax, and postage). You may not repeat the same Advanced C & L Programs that you completed for the ATM-B award, but there are a total of fifteen advanced manuals. The Communication Track's next award is the Advanced Toastmaster Silver Award (click here for more information).

After Toastmasters International World Headquarters has received all your forms, you will receive a certificate like the one below. You may opt to have TI send your employer a letter of commendation.

adv_tmb.jpg (14,719 bytes)

Image courtesy of Peter Geissler, ATM-B/AL, District 52 Lieutenant Governor Marketing


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